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Coping with Shyness
Nearly everyone will experience some degree of social shyness. Some people are naturally more outgoing than others. Many healthy people can have a more introverted disposition than others, and it’s not necessarily a problem for them. •    People on the outside may misinterpret social shyness, which can be another source of worry for people with social anxiety. •    Social anxiety [...]
Understanding the Reasons for Anxiety about Anxiety
Anxiety is something that can strike anyone regardless of their age or occupation. It is normal to experience anxiety at some point in life. It is caused by any number of reasons, some of which are evident and others that are quite complicated. There are individuals who even suffer from anxiety about anxiety. As a society, we fail to talk about this ailment or take measures to control it. [...]
Strategies for Relieving Anxiety
Reducing Tension Anxiety can produce a huge amount of internal conflict. The key to helping resolve almost any conflict involves diffusing tension. Many relaxation techniques for anxiety essentially involve trying to reason with yourself. There are many different cognitive tricks that allow you to reduce emotional tension. Having a certain level of background feelings of concern is normal for [...]
How to Relieve Stress
  Different Methods for Different People Any attempt to find one stress relief system that will work for absolutely everyone, may often not entirely succeed. The question of how to relieve stress is a very personal one for a lot of people, as different people will have particular strategies that will work for them. Some people find that socializing with friends gives them a new-found [...]
Fear of Flying
Many people have a fear of flying, and it can make travel difficult for them. For some individuals, it has to do with the fact that they are claustrophobic. They have high levels of anxiety due to being shut into small spaces. If that is the case, you may do well flying in first class where you have more individual room. For others, the fear of flying stems from a fear of heights. Anyone that is [...]
Social Anxiety Support
Finding social anxiety support is very important. Otherwise, you risk feeling isolated and alone. You may become depressed too and blame yourself instead of realizing that this is an issue so many others deal with too. The support you have around you can help you to fight social anxiety and to find the empowerment to take small steps to have a better life that you want. Managing this type of anxiety [...]
How To Overcome Fear
Everyone experiences fear at one time or another in their life. In most cases, this fear is short lived and easily resolved, but in some cases the fear is so strong that it can almost paralyze a person, making it difficult to live a normal and full life. In such extreme cases, dealing with and overcoming your fear may become necessary in order for you to live a healthy normal life. Here are some tips [...]
Fear of Driving
Getting a driver’s license is often thought of as a rite of passage and more freedom. Most of us get behind the wheel and take it for granted. That is unless you have a fear of driving. Then you may be reliant on public transportation which can become very expensive. If you are asking friends and family to drive you around all the time, they may get tired of the time they spend. When a person [...]
How to Stop Panic Attacks
If you experience panic attacks, they don’t have to take control over your life. There are steps you can take to reduce them and then to prevent them. Ironically, most people find their panic attacks get worse due to anxiety about having them. By doing what you can to relax your mind you will be back in control. You will find that the panic attacks happen less frequently and they last for a shorter [...]
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